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Mission Trip Day Three: Living on the Edge

Our job on Day Three was to go out in small teams and distribute material to vacationers gathered for the Persian New Year. They travel from their homeland and are quick to respond when we offer them gifts–a card wishing them a happy New Year that includes a message about our faith. Each team includes…

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Mission Trip Day Two: Refugees in a Fearful World

We started our day yesterday with a ferry trip to an island just off the coast that’s a favorite destination for tourists from the closed country adjacent to us. Ministering to citizens from that country is the main object of our trip and we went to the island to connect with as many of them…

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The Place of Mission Trips in a World on Fire

In a way I’m reluctant to talk about mission trips—those short-term ministry outings beloved by evangelical churches in which they send lay people to regions of the world in need of specific ministry needs—in this moment in history.   It feels like the world is reaching a boiling point. Uncontrolled immigration, economic collapse, international terrorism,…

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The Dangerous Marriage of Evangelicals and Donald Trump

Of all the twists of the 2016 Presidential Election, none has surprised me as much as the outpouring of support for Donald Trump by the evangelical community. Depending on which poll you look at, Trump has the support of about 37 percent of those who call themselves evangelical. Ted Cruz—by far the most outspoken conservative…

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The Super Bowl, Spam and the Power of the Gospel

For the past two years Pam and I have attended a Super Bowl party with one of the Sunday School classes at our church, a thirty-something class with fifteen or twenty couples. It’s a blast to hang out with them on a night when most of America is doing the same thing. But this get-together has…

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Why Are Churches Not Teaching the Bible?

I ran into a young husband and dad this week who used to come to our church, left for a while and now has returned. In the modern American church his experience isn’t unusual. Many people today join a church for shorter periods than previous generations and will move their membership several times through the course…

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Evangelicals Should Stop Playing Political Games

  Presidential elections for evangelical Christians resemble nothing so much as Charlie Brown in the familiar “Peanuts” comic strip. In a running gag that creator Charles Schulz clearly enjoyed, every fall Lucy invited her friend to kick a football while she held it. Charlie Brown would take a running start in anticipation of booting the…

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The Year of the Lord’s Favor

Our church’s custom on the last Sunday of the year is to have a single worship service where all our people take the Lord’s Supper together. It’s always a simple, worshipful service with families sitting together and enjoying the afterglow of Christmas while not yet back into the rush of the regular work and school…

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