When Grandpa Comes to Visit

When her doctor told our daughter Katie late Sunday night that Brynn, her unborn baby, was under stress and she needed an immediate C-section, the first thing she did was to call Pam and me from the hospital in California. “Can you come?” We could hear the anxiety in her voice and responded without hesitation.…

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Ten Books to Read in 2018 that Will Feed Your Soul

Recommending Christian books is always a challenge because tastes vary so widely. The writing that changes one person’s life might bore someone else to death. Another problem is the shallowness of so many books that carry the “Christian” label. A prime example is Joel Osteen’s bestseller a few years ago, “Your Best Life Now,” which managed…

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How to Celebrate Christmas without Feeling Guilty

It’s almost Christmas, and at my house we’ve unpacked the boxes in the attic full of special decorations we only use this time of year.   My wife and I have loads of stuff. The Christmas tree decorations are my particular favorites—everything from the first bauble we bought as a newly married couple over thirty years ago…

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Thankfulness Is What Keeps Life on Track

In a recent blog, Father Stephen Freeman raises the bar of thanksgiving from a simple holiday to the higher place it should hold in our hearts: The act of giving thanks is among the most fundamental acts of love. It lies at the very heart of worship – in which, in the words of Archimandrite…

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Lexington, SC—What a Praying Community Looks Like

Prayer is as close to a unifying core value as you can find here in Lexington, SC—and that helps explain why living here is so attractive.   To be sure, different parts of our community have core value statements that try to capture each one’s essential purpose. For Lexington Town Hall it’s “Building Partnerships.” Lexington…

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Pastors Need to Become Spiritual Fathers

Modern American pastors need to return to the role of spiritual father.   A chance remark by one of my younger staff members this week brought this truth home to me. She told me how she’d described my ministry to some first-time guests to our church. “He’s fatherly,” she said to them.   My first thought…

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When God Heals Your Baby

Last week my family prayed for a miracle and we’re still trying to get our heads around how our prayers were answered. Figuring out how and why God does what he does isn’t as simple as some people seem to think.   Our daughter Katie lives on the West Coast and is pregnant with her…

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What Millennials Want in Worship

The collective wisdom of denominational analysts, church leadership gurus and congregational consultants is that Millennials reject traditional worship music in favor of contemporary music and churches that want to reach them must adjust their style of worship accordingly. I’m not so sure.   The millennial generation is the age cohort born from the 1980s through…

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