How Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers Proves the Priority of Discipleship

HOW GREEN BAY’S AARON RODGERS PROVES THE PRIORITY OF DISICPLESHIP. The Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers is according to most analysts the best quarterback in the NFL—Tom Brady’s five Super Bowl rings notwithstanding. He’s the all-time career leader in passing efficiency and holds records in more passing categories than anyone else in NFL history. His…

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What Homeless Veterans Can Teach Churches

Earlier this week I led the mid-week service at a local shelter for homeless veterans. But what began as a standard-issue Bible study for men who served our nation turned unexpectedly into a worship service that I believe has something to teach the church.   We met in the facility’s cafeteria, and the forty or…

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Why Worship Services Are the Church’s Best Means of Evangelism

Every evangelical church wrestles with evangelism—how to lead lost people to a personal faith in Jesus. We teach our congregations to share their faith with their friends and neighbors. We design special events to carry the gospel into our community. We make evangelistic outreach a cornerstone of our overall ministry.   The effort is critical to our…

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How Can a Pastor and His Church Have a Healthy Marriage?

How can a pastor and his church have a healthy marriage?   Maybe “marriage” is a strange way to describe it,  but since the Bible uses the image by saying, “husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church,” pointing to marriage as a way of explaining how a pastor and his church are connected makes a…

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How Your Beach Vacation Can Lead to Spiritual Renewal

Later this month my family will head to the beach for vacation. I’ll build sand castles with grandchildren, soak up the sun, body surf, play golf, eat more than I should and in general step out of my normal routine. But I expect something else will happen there, too. I’ve learned that a week at…

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Can Religious Liberty Survive Homosexual Marriage?

Jack Phillips isn’t presently a household name in evangelical churches. But this fall it will be. That’s when the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments seeking reversal of Phillips’s conviction by a Colorado court for refusing to decorate a cake for a homosexual wedding. The high court’s decision will go a long way toward…

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People and Churches Are Looking for the Real Thing

Among all the changes going on in modern American churches—music, dress and organization to name a few—one thing is beginning to stand out. Today’s congregations value authentic spiritual experience more than anything else. And after the last few decades of the rotating buffet line of church programming, it’s a relief to see people and pastors starting to pay…

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Millennials Are the Church’s Next Great Generation

Millennials—the demographic cohort born from the 1980s through the early 2000s—have a reputation for being self-absorbed, liberal political leanings, an obsession with social media, rejecting traditional morality and a lackadaisical work ethic.  Most of all—if you believe the various surveys that claim to measure such things—Millennials are known for rejecting the Christian faith of their parents.  …

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