Pastors Need to Become Spiritual Fathers

Modern American pastors need to return to the role of spiritual father.   A chance remark by one of my younger staff members this week brought this truth home to me. She told me how she’d described my ministry to some first-time guests to our church. “He’s fatherly,” she said to them.   My first thought…

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How Can a Pastor and His Church Have a Healthy Marriage?

How can a pastor and his church have a healthy marriage?   Maybe “marriage” is a strange way to describe it,  but since the Bible uses the image by saying, “husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church,” pointing to marriage as a way of explaining how a pastor and his church are connected makes a…

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The Benedict Option–Churches in Post-Christian America

Rod Dreher is one of today’s best known commentators on religion. A devout believer in the Eastern Orthodox tradition, Dreher has been on my radar for at least ten years and I make it a point to read everything by him I can find. He understands the radical shifts happening in the modern world and…

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The Church in the Age of Trump

As the nation continues to work through the angst or jubilation of Donald Trump’s election as President (depending on whether you’re a Democrat or Republican), one segment is particularly relieved—the evangelical church. Over the last few years the government has encroached into the arena of religious liberty to the degree that many of us were…

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The Church's Place in a Secular America

The Pew Research Center on Tuesday released its second survey of American religious practices in the last few years. The first “Religious Landscape Study” was released in 2007 and fell on American churches like a bombshell. The reason was it was the first study to document the nation’s growing secularization by making public a demographic…

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Pastors Aren't Abandoning the Church

If you believe various news reports, American pastors are quitting the church in droves. I’ve seen some studies that claim as many as 1500 ministers are leaving the ministry every month. That number has never settled well with me, since almost every pastor I know is faithful and true to his calling. In fact, most…

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Mark Driscoll Resets His Heart and Ministry

Mark Dricsoll is no stranger to the national spotlight. Over the last few years, he’s become widely known as the innovative pastor of Seattle’s Mars Hill Church, a booming congregation of over 13,000. He’s a best-selling author with books to his credit on everything from ministry to marriage to leadership. His Acts 29 Network is…

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Unified Worship: A New Season for Churches

I started holding separate worship services in 1995 at my previous church in North Carolina. The church was a traditional, downtown First Baptist church, and its worship style wasn’t connecting with the surrounding community—composed mainly of young, military families from all over the country. So our leadership did what many churches did in that era…

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