Growth by Accident, Death by Planning

Bob Whitesel’s book of a few years ago has one of the more intriguing titles I’ve come across: “Growth by Accident, Death by Planning.” Whitesel—a nationally known speaker, writer and leader regarding authentic church growth (the adjective “authentic” is important because there are other approaches to church growth that rely more on sociological methods than…

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Stepping Away from My Church

Sabbatical: An extended period of leave from one’s customary work, especially for rest and to acquire new skills or training. A break or change from the normal employment routine.   I just left my congregation for five weeks. I wasn’t ill. No family crisis demanded my presence. Not an extended vacation. Not a forced absence…

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Lessons for Life from Marcus Lattimore

Saturday’s football game between the Tennessee Volunteers and the South Carolina Gamecocks was rocking along with all the energy and passion you expect from a game in Williams-Brice Stadium. In the second quarter, though, the festive atmosphere changed in the blink of an eye to something much more serious. Gamecock All-American running back Marcus Lattimore…

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The Cult of Celebrity Pastors

Leonard Sweet’s new book, “I’m a Follower” is just blowing me away. I don’t agree with all he says, but he says enough I do agree with that I’m having to make some serious re-adjustments in my life. Sweet essentially condemns the modern cult of the pastor that’s invading our churches today to such an…

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The High Price of Pastoral Cowardice

 Church leadership carries a high price but cowardice carries a higher price still. Just ask the Reverend Stan Weatherford, pastor of First Baptist Church in Crystal Springs, Mississippi. A pastor provides spiritual leadership to his congregation through preaching, teaching, counseling and ministering in times of crisis and even death. At the same time, he administers…

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Church Leadership 101: Five Keys for the Effective Pastor

Leading a church is one of the most rewarding and frustrating, difficult and easy, convoluted and simple, spiritual and pragmatic tasks anyone could ever attempt to do. Today’s pastor is expected to be a good preacher, a sensitive counselor, an able administrator, an insightful teacher, an excellent fund-raiser, a visionary strategist, a saint, an effective…

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Leadership Checklist for 2012

2012 is a week away and all of us in church leadership need to be prepared. Ministry is changing so rapidly, and the challenges of leading a local church are growing so large that it’s important for we ministers as well as well as our lay leaders to get ready. We can’t predict the future…

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Al Mohler's bobblehead doll

                                                                            Al Mohler is today’s most influential Southern Baptist leader. From his key position as president of the…

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