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Raising Christian Children in a Transgender World

How can Christian parents teach their kids the truth about gender in a transgender world?   That’s a question many parents struggle with today. While they want their children to learn about sexuality from God’s Word, the fact is that the modern world often has more influence. It’s not easy for kids to take the…

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Military Families Pay a Price for Serving the Nation

Our son-in-law sent us a text this morning at 3:00AM to let us know our daughter Katie had gone into labor and our grand-daughter should be born in the next few hours. Their doula would keep us informed as the birth proceeded, the text assured us.   Sleep was the last thing on our minds with the…

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Why We Love Thanksgiving

Other than Easter, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. Not for the food—although I love the food more than I want to admit. Roast turkey is one of my favorites. Sweet potato soufflé makes my mouth water. Fresh cranberry relish is a personal addiction. Even the special gravy filled with the innards of…

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The Enduring Blessing of Family

Last week my aunt, Judy Harrison, 82, passed away. She had been in poor health for a while, and when my father called with the news I wasn’t surprised. What did surprise me was when he told me she had requested all her nephews serve as pall bearers at her funeral. I agreed, of course,…

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Problems in South Carolina

Kimberly Freeman is a mom, a Latin teacher, and the wife of one of the pastors I’m privileged to serve with. She’s also quite a writer–her blog Lessons in Lingering tracks the adventures of a young Christian family in a gutsy, hilarious way. Kimberly and her children encountered some welcomed problems yesterday as they volunteered–along with thousands of others…

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Finding a Heart of Thanksgiving

In a recent blog, Father Stephen Freeman raises the bar of thanksgiving from a simple holiday to the higher place it should hold in our hearts:   The act of giving thanks is among the most fundamental acts of love. It lies at the very heart of worship – in which, in the words of Archimandrite Zacharias…

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Four keys to making it through your child’s deployment

After eight months in Afghanistan, our son is on his way home. He’s not back yet—the Army’s bizarre way of sending returning soldiers through a maze of flights, bases, delays and last minute changes has kept his itinerary tenuous even as it’s kept us on edge—but he’ll be here shortly. Our family can breathe again.…

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Five Reasons to Teach Our Children about Christian Persecution

A friend in the Middle East is a religious refugee from a repressive Islamic nation. He and his family are courageous and faithful, having lost everything in their flight from persecution. He recently posted on his facebook page a picture taken of a Christian home in his region. The image is at the top of the…

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Multigenerational Worship: How Can We Do It?

Tim Wright blogs this week about the self-inflicted crisis many churches are experiencing right now. As young adult church attendance continues to decline, Wright points to age-segregated worship services as the main culprit.   Wright observes that that over the last few decades, as churches have attempted to make their worship services more convenient for…

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