When Your Son Goes to War

Our son Will decided to go into the military his first year in high school. It came as a surprise to my wife and me because neither of us had much military service in our families. But we lived in a military town at the time so our first thought was that Will had been…

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Fathering Never Ends

My son Will is a young Second Lieutenant currently sweating through a hot summer in Ft. Benning, Georgia as he goes through Infantry officer’s training. He’ll move to his permanent post at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina in a few months where he’ll serve as a platoon leader with the 82nd Airborne Division. Soon after that…

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What I’ve Learned about Being a Father

A friend describes fathering this way: those occasions when your wife and kids are all around you and everyone is getting along; and you’ve gathered together because you’re celebrating something significant that happened in your family; and there’s a warmth in the room that you don’t have all the time but cherish more than anything…

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Five Steps for Leading Your Children to Faith

My son Will is home for spring break. As usual, we spend a lot of time talking about his college studies, his future plans and whatever new ideas he has for how to spend his free time (I’m not always on board with him on some of those). We also talk a lot about faith.…

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It’s tough to be a dad today. Fathering has never been easy, but it just seems today that men face so many pressures and temptations that their children often get pushed to second place or worse. No guy gets up in the morning and says, “I’m gonna be a rotten father today.” I mean, neglecting…

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