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Four Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

I met recently with one of our church’s younger couples. They’re like so many couples in our community: both are hard-working; they love their kids; and they both know the Lord and are serving him here in our church. And in one other respect they’re also like many couples—they’re struggling in their marriage.   The…

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SIx Ways to Keep Your Kids in Church As They Grow Up

Lifeway Research director Ed Stetzer is the guru of church statistics, and his recent analysis of the church drop-out rate among young adults is worth paying attention to. While the situation isn’t as dire as some have made it out to be, the truth is that many children and students who were brought up in…

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When Your Son Goes to War

Our son Will decided to go into the military his first year in high school. It came as a surprise to my wife and me because neither of us had much military service in our families. But we lived in a military town at the time so our first thought was that Will had been…

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Five Things I Learned in the Blizzard of ’14

You don’t expect a blizzard to strike Columbia, SC, but that’s pretty much what happened Tuesday night. The temperatures plunged below freezing. Sleet followed by snow started falling at levels we only see every decade or so. Within a few hours the Midlands came to a complete standstill. Traffic couldn’t move. People stayed inside. Everything…

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What I Love About Military Weddings

When my son Will and his fiancé Jessica asked me to officiate at their wedding I told them I’d be glad to but that they’d better be prepared for me to cry like a little girl.   I wasn’t joking. I’m not much of a crier (except when the Georgia Bulldogs lose), but when my…

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How to Have a Great Thanksgiving

Other than Easter, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year.   Not for the food—although I love the food more than I want to admit. Roast turkey is one of my favorite foods. Sweet potato soufflé makes my mouth water. Fresh cranberry relish is a personal addiction. And my mother-in-law always makes a special…

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Five Keys to Becoming a Succesful Empty Nester

Pam and I celebrate thirty-three years of marriage in two weeks. It was just us the first four years. I started my ministry as the pastor of a small country church while Pam finished up her training as a pastoral counselor. We didn’t have much—and goodness knows money was tight. But we were newlyweds and…

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Why We Love Duck Dynasty

The first thing that gets you when you watch Duck Dynasty is the beards. These guys are serious about their facial hair. Phil and Si Robertson, along with Phil’s sons Jase and Willie have some of the most envied beards in the country.   From Christian recording artist David Crowder to the entirety of the…

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Cancer Scare

A few months ago during my annual physical my doctor wasn’t happy with my PSA number. All middle-aged men watch that number like a hawk because it provides at least some information regarding the prostate gland. “Prostate-Specific Antigen” is what the letters stand for, meaning a male enzyme that gives an indication of prostate gland…

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Five Ways to Help Your Adult Children Stay Faithful to Jesus

One of the most common spiritual conditions I encounter is older parents whose adult children have abandoned their childhood faith. All of us as Christian parents want more than anything else to see our children grow up and live out the faith they were taught in our homes. Tragically, that’s often not the case. Many…

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