The Super Bowl, Spam and the Power of the Gospel

For the past two years Pam and I have attended a Super Bowl party with one of the Sunday School classes at our church, a thirty-something class with fifteen or twenty couples. It’s a blast to hang out with them on a night when most of America is doing the same thing. But this get-together has…

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Why Are Churches Not Teaching the Bible?

I ran into a young husband and dad this week who used to come to our church, left for a while and now has returned. In the modern American church his experience isn’t unusual. Many people today join a church for shorter periods than previous generations and will move their membership several times through the course…

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Pastors Aren't Abandoning the Church

If you believe various news reports, American pastors are quitting the church in droves. I’ve seen some studies that claim as many as 1500 ministers are leaving the ministry every month. That number has never settled well with me, since almost every pastor I know is faithful and true to his calling. In fact, most…

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Problems in South Carolina

Kimberly Freeman is a mom, a Latin teacher, and the wife of one of the pastors I’m privileged to serve with. She’s also quite a writer–her blog Lessons in Lingering tracks the adventures of a young Christian family in a gutsy, hilarious way. Kimberly and her children encountered some welcomed problems yesterday as they volunteered–along with thousands of others…

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What the South Carolina Flood Teaches Us

I don’t know what to call this natural disaster we’ve come through—The Great Storm? The South Carolina Flood? The Deluge of 2015? But whatever name finally sticks, few of us will forget this past weekend.   We’ll remember the sight of washed out bridges and streets so filled with rushing water that they look like…

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To the Ends of the Earth

I’m sitting in an airport with a group of five young men waiting for a flight that’s an hour late that will cause us to miss a connecting flight in another city that will in turn cause us to miss a third and final flight. The end result will be that we’ll get to our…

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Done: The Growing Trend of Christians Leaving the Church

I was at a wedding two weeks ago and struck up a conversation with one of the friends of the groom. He’s a successful businessman in another city here in South Carolina with a great marriage and outstanding kids. He’s a man who’s serious about his faith with a vibrant and active relationship with Jesus.…

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Homosexual Marriage and the Future of the Church

The nation’s movement toward the full legalization of homosexual marriage accelerated this week. Monday’s action—or inaction—by the U.S. Supreme Court had the effect of making the practice legal in up to thirty states. This despite many of those states having passed laws prohibiting it. What once was unimaginable then a rumor in distant places has…

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