How Can Local Churches Help Houston’s Flood Victims?

HOW CAN LOCAL CHURCHES HELP HOUSTON’S FLOOD VICTIMS? When Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Texas’s east coast on August 26, it dumped over 50 inches of rain and caused catastrophic flooding in Houston. Streets and neighborhoods vanished beneath the rising waters. Over 100,000 people almost immediately lost their homes and many more will follow in coming…

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Final Thoughts

Friday morning 6:30AM The picture at the top of the post is of our joint team of folks from Lexington along with the national Peruvian hosts, at breakfast yesterday morning. Tito Savilla, our host pastor, is at the head of the table. We call him The Godfather. We had a packed day yesterday, the last…

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Why Should Peru’s Baptist Church Look Like Ours?

Wednesday 10:30PM I mentioned yesterday that today’s plan was for our group to split up, so after an early breakfast this morning two group members and I, along with our national host Tito, left for the two-hour drive to the Baptist seminary in Trujillo. We were met by Pastor Julio, the director of the seminary…

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Modern Day Apostles

Tuesday 8:30PM Today’s schedule was like yesterday’s only more so. Attendance at the medical clinic doubled to 250 people, evenly divided between the regular clinic and the eye clinic. Responses to the gospel also doubled, with maybe 60 people praying to receive the Lord. And at tonight’s evangelistic service we had over 60 people–again, twice…

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Helping Hurting People

Monday night 8:30PM We’ve finished our first full day of ministry here in Chepen and all of us are worn out. But I wanted to post a few comments to keep you guys informed. More than that, I want to let folks know–especially those of you thinking about taking this kind of mission trip–what it…

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Mission to Peru

  I’m sitting in the Atlanta airport with eight other men waiting for our flight to Lima, Peru, where we’ll spend a week leading medical clinics, conducting VBS, and ministering at nightly crusades. I’ll also be teaching at the Peruvian Baptist Seminary. It’s going to be a packed week. We’re not traveling for any of…

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Mission Trip Day Five: Coming Home

I’m posting twice today to make up for missing yesterday (we were busy all day). The earlier post was from Frankfurt, Germany, where we had a long layover and now we’re in Philadelphia waiting for our final leg into Columbia. I’ll be able to sleep in my own bed tonight. By the way, if you…

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Mission Trip Day Three: Living on the Edge

Our job on Day Three was to go out in small teams and distribute material to vacationers gathered for the Persian New Year. They travel from their homeland and are quick to respond when we offer them gifts–a card wishing them a happy New Year that includes a message about our faith. Each team includes…

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