Mission Trip Day Two: Refugees in a Fearful World

We started our day yesterday with a ferry trip to an island just off the coast that’s a favorite destination for tourists from the closed country adjacent to us. Ministering to citizens from that country is the main object of our trip and we went to the island to connect with as many of them…

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The Place of Mission Trips in a World on Fire

In a way I’m reluctant to talk about mission trips—those short-term ministry outings beloved by evangelical churches in which they send lay people to regions of the world in need of specific ministry needs—in this moment in history.   It feels like the world is reaching a boiling point. Uncontrolled immigration, economic collapse, international terrorism,…

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Things Nobody Tells You about Mission Trips

Mission trips are a growing phenomenon in many evangelical churches, and for good reaon. The reason is to take the gospel to the world. Every congregation has that responsibility and those that accept it move to a new level of vision and purpose. But there’s another dimension to mission trips that’s less visible. When you…

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Not in Kansas Anymore

Anyone who’s travelled in a Muslim country will always remember the first time they heard the call to prayer. I’m sure my team will never forget the sound ringing through the city five times every day. From the minarets that surround us on every side, the “Muezzim” or singer, crys out in Arabic, “God is…

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Death by Minibus

Public transportation is the best way of getting around in this massive, sprawling city since cars choke the expressways at all hours of the day and night. The subway system is modern, clean and efficient; we use it every time we can. Busses are convenient and comfortable. Ferries churn back and forth on the sparkling…

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To the Ends of the Earth

I’m sitting in an airport with a group of five young men waiting for a flight that’s an hour late that will cause us to miss a connecting flight in another city that will in turn cause us to miss a third and final flight. The end result will be that we’ll get to our…

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Operation Christmas Child and the Power of Love

Samaritan’s Purse, the ministry behind Operation Christmas Child, has seen some incredible examples of God’s work since its beginnings in 1970. Today the evangelical ministry works in more than 100 countries around the world, with its best known program of Operation Christmas Child collecting over 113 million boxes since 1993. But in all that time, the…

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Fathers and Sons across the World with the Gospel

  Last week I joined a group from our church and travelled half way around the world on what we call a mission trip. We call it that because the purpose is the same as that of missionaries down through the years—to take the message of Jesus into distant areas. Areas where people haven’t heard…

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