Can Religious Liberty Survive Homosexual Marriage?

Jack Phillips isn’t presently a household name in evangelical churches. But this fall it will be. That’s when the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments seeking reversal of Phillips’s conviction by a Colorado court for refusing to decorate a cake for a homosexual wedding. The high court’s decision will go a long way toward…

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The High Cost of Tearing Down President Trump

It wasn’t surprising that comedian Kathy Griffin earlier this week released a photograph of her holding what appeared to be the severed, blood-soaked head of President Trump. The media feeding frenzy surrounding the president has reached such an insatiable level that Griffin’s publicity stunt was inevitable. The surprising thing is that someone hasn’t done it before now.  …

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Russell Moore: When Southern Baptists Kill our Prophets

Russell Moore is in the news once again. The head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), Moore’s speaking, writing and commentary for years have challenged Southern Baptists especially but also evangelicals as a whole to be wary of allowing political entanglements to overshadow biblical ministry. That was well and good…

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President Trump’s Prayers

The grandeur and genius of American democracy is on full display every four years when the new president is sworn in, and I make it a point never to miss the pageantry that goes along with it.  It thrills me every time and makes me proud to be an American. This year, though, there was an additional piece that caught…

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The Church in the Age of Trump

As the nation continues to work through the angst or jubilation of Donald Trump’s election as President (depending on whether you’re a Democrat or Republican), one segment is particularly relieved—the evangelical church. Over the last few years the government has encroached into the arena of religious liberty to the degree that many of us were…

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Trump vs Clinton: The Christian Voter’s Dilemma

While the presidential primary season has a little ways left to go, the candidates at this point are set with Republican Donald Trump facing Democrat Hilary Clinton in November’s general election. In any other year I’d be confident that most evangelical Christians would automatically support the Republican candidate because of the party’s stance on moral…

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The Dangerous Marriage of Evangelicals and Donald Trump

Of all the twists of the 2016 Presidential Election, none has surprised me as much as the outpouring of support for Donald Trump by the evangelical community. Depending on which poll you look at, Trump has the support of about 37 percent of those who call themselves evangelical. Ted Cruz—by far the most outspoken conservative…

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Evangelicals Should Stop Playing Political Games

  Presidential elections for evangelical Christians resemble nothing so much as Charlie Brown in the familiar “Peanuts” comic strip. In a running gag that creator Charles Schulz clearly enjoyed, every fall Lucy invited her friend to kick a football while she held it. Charlie Brown would take a running start in anticipation of booting the…

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President Obama's threat to religious liberty

Catholic Archbishop Timothy Dolan gets it exactly right. President Obama’s administration is in fact attacking the principle of religious freedom in his recent requirement that Catholic institutions provide for contraception in the health plans offered to their employees. Dolan apparently understands better than the President that when the First Amendment says, “Congress shall make no…

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