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How Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers Proves the Priority of Discipleship

HOW GREEN BAY’S AARON RODGERS PROVES THE PRIORITY OF DISICPLESHIP. The Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers is according to most analysts the best quarterback in the NFL—Tom Brady’s five Super Bowl rings notwithstanding. He’s the all-time career leader in passing efficiency and holds records in more passing categories than anyone else in NFL history. His…

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Raising Christian Children in a Transgender World

How can Christian parents teach their kids the truth about gender in a transgender world?   That’s a question many parents struggle with today. While they want their children to learn about sexuality from God’s Word, the fact is that the modern world often has more influence. It’s not easy for kids to take the…

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Our Christmas Traditions: Are They Fact or Myth?

It’s almost Christmas, and at my house we’ve unpacked the boxes in the attic full of special decorations we only use this time of year. My wife and I have loads of stuff. The Christmas tree decorations are my particular favorites—everything from the first bauble we bought as a newly married couple over thirty years ago to…

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The Uneasy Marriage between Donald Trump and the Evangelical Church

Tuesday’s election loomed like a dark cloud on the horizon for many Christians. Hilary Clinton was so clearly aligned with the liberal agenda of restricting religious liberty, expanding abortion rights, supporting the transsexual movement and in general using the power of the state to overturn America’s Christian history that her election seemed to guarantee a…

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