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President Trump’s Prayers

The grandeur and genius of American democracy is on full display every four years when the new president is sworn in, and I make it a point never to miss the pageantry that goes along with it.  It thrills me every time and makes me proud to be an American. This year, though, there was an additional piece that caught…

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The Church in the Age of Trump

As the nation continues to work through the angst or jubilation of Donald Trump’s election as President (depending on whether you’re a Democrat or Republican), one segment is particularly relieved—the evangelical church. Over the last few years the government has encroached into the arena of religious liberty to the degree that many of us were…

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July Fourth Challenges Churches to Balance Faith with Patriotism

Independence Day worship services put faith and patriotism in the same place at the same time for the same purpose, and finding the right balance isn’t as easy as we want to admit.   LifeWay Research last week proved the point in the release of a survey it recently completed of one thousand Protestant ministers regarding their attitudes…

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It’s the Transgender Moment for America and the Church

In March the Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of Washington issued the new learning standards to take effect in all public schools in the school year 2017-2018. The standards touch all the expected bases but when it comes to sexual health there are instructional goals that should make all evangelical Christians take notice.…

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Could Churches Be Forced to Have Transgender Restrooms?

  In the aftermath of the federal guidelines issued two weeks ago requiring all public schools to accommodate the restroom preference of transgender students, a friend asked me a question I’m sure many Christians are thinking about: “Could churches be forced to have transgender restrooms?”   I immediately said, “Of course not! It will never…

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Transgenderism and America’s Gathering Spiritual Darkness

When North Carolina governor Pat McCrory signed House Bill 2 into law on March 23, he didn’t know what demons would be unleashed. I wonder what he thinks now that all hell has broken loose.   The law bans people from using public restrooms that don’t match their biological sex. It requires men to use men’s…

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Pornography Is a Calamity for the Nation and for the Church

Denny Burk teaches at Boyce College, the undergraduate arm of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He writes and blogs about current events and cultural trends from an evangelical perspective and has a lot of good things to say. His piece earlier this week about pornography really caught my attention because of its application for our…

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Georgia Shows that Religious Freedom Is a Thing of the Past

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal this week removed any doubt regarding the diminishing influence Christians have in America when on Monday he vetoed the Free Exercise Protection Act.   The bill was passed a couple of weeks ago by both chambers of state government to protect the rights of faith-based institutions to exercise their religious convictions…

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The Super Bowl, Spam and the Power of the Gospel

For the past two years Pam and I have attended a Super Bowl party with one of the Sunday School classes at our church, a thirty-something class with fifteen or twenty couples. It’s a blast to hang out with them on a night when most of America is doing the same thing. But this get-together has…

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Why Are Churches Not Teaching the Bible?

I ran into a young husband and dad this week who used to come to our church, left for a while and now has returned. In the modern American church his experience isn’t unusual. Many people today join a church for shorter periods than previous generations and will move their membership several times through the course…

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