When Grandpa Comes to Visit

When her doctor told our daughter Katie late Sunday night that Brynn, her unborn baby, was under stress and she needed an immediate C-section, the first thing she did was to call Pam and me from the hospital in California. “Can you come?” We could hear the anxiety in her voice and responded without hesitation.…

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Ten Books to Read in 2018 that Will Feed Your Soul

Recommending Christian books is always a challenge because tastes vary so widely. The writing that changes one person’s life might bore someone else to death. Another problem is the shallowness of so many books that carry the “Christian” label. A prime example is Joel Osteen’s bestseller a few years ago, “Your Best Life Now,” which managed…

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The Sutherland Springs Church Shootings Put All Churches on Notice

The murder of twenty-six innocent people at First Baptist Church Sutherland Springs, Texas last Sunday put all churches on notice. I was as horrified as everyone else—for the victims and their families, of course, but as a pastor I also grieved for congregations everywhere. Not even churches are safe from the mindless violence sweeping the…

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How Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers Proves the Priority of Discipleship

HOW GREEN BAY’S AARON RODGERS PROVES THE PRIORITY OF DISICPLESHIP. The Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers is according to most analysts the best quarterback in the NFL—Tom Brady’s five Super Bowl rings notwithstanding. He’s the all-time career leader in passing efficiency and holds records in more passing categories than anyone else in NFL history. His…

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President Trump’s Prayers

The grandeur and genius of American democracy is on full display every four years when the new president is sworn in, and I make it a point never to miss the pageantry that goes along with it.  It thrills me every time and makes me proud to be an American. This year, though, there was an additional piece that caught…

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The Secret to Clemson’s National Championship Victory

In the euphoria following Clemson’s stunning National Championship victory Monday night, one moment stood out: ESPN reporter Samantha Ponder’s interview with Clemson coach Dabo Swinney as he left the confetti-strewn field. She asked Dabo how his team had managed to defeat the Alabama Crimson Tide.   “I told the team,” he said, “that the difference…

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A Break from the Routine

I’m on sabbatical for the next few weeks so I won’t be posting any new blogs until August. This is a time for prayer, reading, writing, visiting some other churches, dreaming new dreams and hanging out with my family. A great gift from my church.

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